I was about to write this post in Indonesian, and I tried. But the process of taking an English word in my head, and then putting it on Google Translate, and then getting an equivalent of meaning of the word, that took a long time.

So I thought maybe, just maybe, it’s time for an evilfactorylabs member to write in English.

Also, I wrote this using Comic Sans because I saw a tweet stating that it would make the writing process way quicker because it unconsciously tells your mind that this piece of writing isn’t something serious. Hence, your mind doesn’t make you edit it instantly every time you write a piece of sentence.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

The Problem

evilfactorylabs has gained some sort of social presence in the software engineering industry, I would assume this is due to faultable’s weird-ass tweets or that time when @faultable and @ri7nz went to that meetup in Malang. Either way, it has a social presence and maybe, just maybe, people would want to become members of this research organization that @faultable has pioneered.

Possible Solution

Every organization would have a committee that determines what the organization would do, they would talk about what kind of events they would do, how they would allocate the funds for it, etc. You get the point. A serious organization would have some sort of authoritarian power that dictates what the organization does.

We could either adopt academic ranks or military ranks, both of which are hierarchical and that would bring us into how one could rank up.

How one could rank up

One word, blogging.

The more you blog, the more you share the knowledge you have, either it’s about Web Securities (HTTPS and how you can get an SSL certificate), or it’s about Web Newest Technologies (WebAssembly and how you can allocate heavy computations to low-level languages).

We shouldn’t put a fixed number for how much writings one should write, because people would end up abusing it and writing posts with little-to-no new knowledge.

The rational way of doing it right now, is to make @faultable and @ri7nz, the leaders of this organization and they would be the one who determines the ranks of other members for now. It’s the only feasible of doing it.

Ranks to adopt

It would be very basic for us to adopt the usual organization ranks (Ketua, Wakil Ketua, Sekretaris Jenderal, Bendahara, Sekretaris). That wouldn't be the evilfactorylabs  way 😉

I would suggest that we take Indonesia’s academic ranks, here’s what they are :

  1. Asisten Ahli (Assistant Professor - Lower)
  2. Lektor (Assistant Professor - Upper )
  3. Lektor Kepala (Associate Professor)
  4. Guru Besar, Profesor (Professor)

The new members of the organization would be assigned as Asisten Ahli, those who’s covered 2 topics becomes Lektor, @faultable and @ri7nz would be assigned as Guru Besar of evilfactorylabs, and they will be the one who decides who becomes Lektor Kepala.


This is just a quick idea that went into my head while I was having lunch today. Would love to get feedbacks from fellow evilfactorylabs members.